Jamaica Student Trip: June 11-18

Pray for the 2017 Student-Parent Jamaica Team as they prepare to serve with Won By One from June 13th – 18th.

We have 27 students, ranging from 13-18 years old, traveling with 29 adults/leaders.

The leaders attending are:

  • Angie Azzanni
  • Travis Craig
  • Jared Fenstermacher
  • Travis Roberts
  • Jeremy Stouder

Crossing Staff attending are: (some of which are attending with their families)

  • Anthony Alphin
  • Justin Garrett
  • Keith Simon
  • Christine Simon
  • Jim Beaty
  • Andrew Baier


The Team will most likely build 2 foundations, 2-3 houses, work in the greenhouse, have a few “marl hauls”, spend a day at the infirmary, and sort clothes for the thrift store. A “marl haul” is when their building material known as “marl” (comparable to our concrete), is in a pile at the bottom of their land with no way of transporting it to where it needs to go. As a team, we shovel it into bags and pass those bags up the hill until it is dumped out next to the site where the house will be built. Each person on the trip will spend an hour at the infirmary, although many people will choose to spend a full day there as well.

Trip Goals:

Our main goals for the trip are always to work hard and do our jobs well, but most importantly our goal is to love the Jamaicans well. We spend the majority of our time getting to know them, spending time with their kids, and asking them about their lives. Through those interactions we hope that they see the love of Christ in us.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that travel goes smoothly and that God would use our team to love the Jamaicans well. Our prayer is also that God would use this trip to bring the families closer to God and to one another, and to give them hearts to serve.

For more information about Won By One and the work they do in Jamaica:

Mission Spotlight: Jamaica

Source: Andrea Wiele | High School Director | The Crossing

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