Is The Bible The Divinely Inspired Word of God?

This past Sunday I tried to answer one of the questions submitted by the congregation as part of our summer preaching series Biblical Answers To Practical Questions. The series, inspired by both Paul’s first letter to Corinth as well as Mars Hill Church, has allowed us as pastors to speak to the issues that are on the minds of people who attend The Crossing. The question this past week dealt with the Bible.

Is every word of the Bible true? How do we know the Bible is a trust worthy document? And how do we really know it is the “Word of God?”

This is obviously a very important question and yet, as you can imagine, one that it is a difficult to give a complete answer to in the limited time offered during a Sunday morning service. I thought that it might be helpful to list some resources that I used and that you may want to read yourself to investigate this topic further.

The best place to start is probably Can We Trust the Gospels by Mark Roberts or chapter 7 in The Reason for God by Tim Keller. Both of these books are very readable and could be given to a non Christian friend without reservation.

I also benefited from Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem especially part 1: The Doctrine of the Word of God. Dr. Grudem was one of my favorite seminary professors in large part due to his ability to explain complicated issues clearly and biblically.

There are several ministries with extremely helpful websites including: Stand To Reason, Alpha and Omega Ministries, and

During my message I briefly contrasted the Bible and the Book of Mormon. While there are lots of good resources available on the differences between Mormonism and Christianity, I recently read a short book called Mormonism Explained by Andrew Jackson. I found it to be a good, solid introduction.

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