Information Sabbath

I have been thinking about Ryan’s message from a week ago: No Sabbath for the Weary? There are a few “top contenders” in my life that are always vying for my time. Obviously my wife, friends and job are all in the running. But another top contender that I have noticed more and more recently is simply being connected – being in-the-know, being up to date on the latest news, opinions, politics, movie reviews, books, websites, blogs, tech gadgets, music, etc. My laptop is always open, my email is always beeping, my cell phone is like a third hand – always connected to my body.

Maybe you can relate?

Tim Challies runs a blog at and put up a very relevant post recently, Data Smog and the Christian Life. He ends the post with this paragraph:

Some days I thank God for the vast amount of information at my disposal. Other days I just wish it would all go away. In my more rational moments I know that this is impossible – the information is going to increase, not decrease. Therefore I am responsible before God to live a spiritually disciplined life in spite of this information overload. I am responsible before Him to carve time out of this information influx so I can just be alone with Him; alone with no telephone, no email, no internet. It is critical to my spiritual well-being that I find ways of removing and properly managing these distractions that keep me from spending the time He and I need to build a thriving, growing relationship.

I would encourage you to read the whole thing. I would also encourage you, if you are like me (and you probably are if you are reading this blog), to intentionally carve out times of rest from the onslaught of information that is constantly available to you. Find hours of your day that you can claim as Information Sabbaths; find hours that you can rest well for the purpose of growing in your love of Christ.

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