How to prepare for Sunday Aug. 4th at The Crossing

On Fridays we’re posting a guide for how to prepare for the upcoming Sunday service. It gives you a chance to read the Bible passage ahead of time, see the song list, and get your mind and heart ready. You can see some of the rationale here.

Kermit Summerall will preach this week from 1 Samuel 15, “Customer Service Gone Wrong.” In 1 Samuel 15 we see how Saul disobeys God, and God as a consequence rejects him as king over Israel. Why does Saul disobey God? Because he is afraid of people rejecting him. Trying to please others can be a powerful motivator in our lives. Before Sunday perhaps ask yourself some questions to begin to explore how you might be prone to people-pleasing: Why do we care so much about what other people think of us? How do I see people-pleasing in my own life? What impact does people-pleasing have on my relationship with God?

Our song list for this Sunday (with links to lyrics and music). Our third song, “Cling to the Crucified” is a new one for us.

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing [lyrics; listen] – words by Robert Robinson; music by John Wyeth

God Who Saves [lyrics; listen] – Aaron Senseman

Cling to the Crucified [lyrics; listen] – words are anonymous; music by Kevin Twit

All Must be Well [lyrics; listen] – words by Mary Bowley-Peters; music by Matthew S. Smith

On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand [lyrics; listen] – words by Samuel Stennett; music by Christopher Miner

Be Thou My Vision [lyrics; listen] – words attributed to Dallan Forgaill; translated by Mary Byrne; traditional Irish melody; music by David A. Cover, Rhett Johnson, Andrew Luley, and Ryan Ponder

See you on Sunday!

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