How God Worked at Kids Club 2010

The letter below was sent to the Kids Club 2010 volunteers, but I thought it would be encouraging for anyone from The Crossing or whose children attended to read how God worked last week.

Nine years ago when we started Kids Club, 30 kids and a handful of leaders convened at a local park for a special week. Little did we know how God planned to grow and use this event over time. Last week, 460+ kids and 300+ volunteers met at The Crossing to have fun, build relationships and learn all about how God always keeps his promises. We’re incredibly grateful for each of you that made “eXtreme Wilderness” happen. Once again, it seems that God worked through this event (and each of your efforts) to draw kids’ hearts closer to Christ, help build community in our church, and reach out to and serve others. We hope you’re as encouraged by the stories and comments from parents and volunteers as we were.

I’ve heard “God” come out of both girls’ mouths more than usual. My husband and I feel so blessed to be a part of this and to see the love of God grow in our kids. This has also made me want to volunteer more in the church – to have a more regular part in sharing God’s love with kids.
– Parent and Volunteer

The first night we came home from Kids Club and were getting ready for bed when (my little girl) started asking me a ton of questions about God. It was a great moment inspired by Kids Club.
– Parent and Volunteer

After the second day one of the (Granny’s House) girls…got in the car and recited the whole memory verse! She talked all about how God always keeps His promises!
– Granny’s House volunteer

Not only did a lot of our (Granny’s House) kids make new friends, but they loved the leaders and several said they couldn’t wait to “work in a church” like them someday. They get excited about the Bible stories and one boy said “Man, I need to get me a Bible and learn some more”.
– Angie Azzanni (Granny’s House staff)

I had shivers while standing over the children’s shoulders at Survival Prep (service project) and watching them write Scripture cards for the homeless. It was so encouraging when they came with their own passage to share.*
– Volunteer

* Here were just two quotes from the cards that Elementary kids wrote to the homeless:

“God promised the Israelites the Promised Land. He promises to give you a home one day too.”

“God knows your name. Whether you believe in Him or not, he loves you. So go ahead, start believing in Him right now. He will offer you eternal LIFE!”

Even though the stories have been aimed toward the kids, I’ve definitely learned and been reminded of God’s promises and to trust in Him at all times.
– Volunteer (college student)

(My 6 year old) saw a white flag in town this week and launched into the awesome story of “God’s promises” and then went on to explain the different beads (of the Promise Bracelet)!
– Parent and Volunteer

We’ve been talking so much about what the church is during the sermon series in Acts. To me, Kids Club was a beautiful picture of what the Body of Christ looks like when united for one common purpose. It truly amazed me to see so many different people sharing so many different gifts and talents joyfully.
– Wilderness Tales Volunteer

One of the more rambunctious students in my second grade class shared that he used to be scared because he thought he would go to hell since he wasn’t always good, but now he knows that God loves him no matter what and he’s looking forward to eternal life.
– Parent and Volunteer

(My kids have) taken $6.29 out of their piggy bank for Jamaica. They had been saving for a new Wii game but decided to take that much out in order to buy shoes for the kids. (My four-year-old) told me this morning that he was going to try and get $2 more out (which will almost dwindle their money to nothing) because my husband and I are matching whatever they give.
– Parent and Volunteer

My favorite “kid story” is when one of the 4th grade students raised their hand and said “We’re like the Israelites. They didn’t knock the wall down so they could enter the Promised Land, God did. It’s the same thing that Jesus did for us. We can’t do anything to get there. He did it for us.”
– Wilderness Tales Volunteer

This Sunday, June 20, will be our Kids Club Celebration Sunday. We invite your kids to wear their Kids Club t-shirts. At 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. we will show our eXtreme Wilderness video in Crossing Kids and the worship service. Also, you will be able to view our Kids Club 2010 video and pictures on The Crossing’s website ( starting this Sunday, June 20! It will be on there for about a month.

Thank you for giving up an entire week of evenings to serve families, build relationships with kids, and help them learn that God always keeps his promises last week!


Rachel Tiemeyer, Christine Simon, Candace Lawhon, Beth Moeckli, and Molly Cover
Kids Club 2010 Coordinators

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