How Does Our Culture See the Christian Faith?

Denis Haack, who heads a culturally savvy ministry called Ransom Fellowship, often asks people some form of the following questions:

“If you converted to Christianity today, do you think your life would be larger, fuller, richer, more attractive and creative, more involved with the people, circumstances, art, and culture around you? Or do you think your life would be smaller, narrower, more withdrawn, judgmental and negative, less winsome and creative, less involved with the people, art, circumstances, and culture around you?”

The answers given to questions like these are important in that they reveal something of how our culture perceives the Christian faith. With that in mind, I’d like to ask you to be thinking about how people you know would respond to them. You might even post your thoughts in response.

I’ll be back soon to offer a few further comments on the subject.

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