Honduras Team: Update

DSC_6670Members of The Crossing traveled over Spring Break with the Honduras Team. This update shares photos and thoughts from team members. There will be a more extended Team Reflection time this Sunday, April 24th,  at 11am in Room 315 (Student Center.) Drop by during 3rd Service to see photos and hear team stories.


12670350_10206446679150144_8515759927324492957_nJesus makes blind men see. This past week it was a 47 year old woman with terrible eyesight who could never afford glasses, yet God sent an old discarded pair to this Honduran woman with the exact prescription she needed for each eye.  The miracle of restoring sight was performed by God again and fortunately for me I got to witness it along with the joy in her heart and the huge smile on her face.     ~Andy Anderson



12932704_10206446678070117_4072118622819361237_nI loved seeing how God orchestrated a trip in which a group of strangers with a wide range of talents came together in perfect unity to serve and love people in the name of Jesus. This trip was a great reminder that every person, no matter their age or skill, has a place in the body of Christ!     ~Danielle Lowe



12985373_10206446678790135_3016717543441169922_n My most meaningful moment from the Honduras trip was having the opportunity to evangelize naturally and organically while working at the medial station. A young man had been clean of drugs for 8 months but was having trouble sleeping. Through God’s grace I was able to encourage him through scripture, pray with and for him and provide him with a copy of the New Testament in Spanish. He re-accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was a powerful and awesome moment.     ~Amy E. Heidenreich 12928425_10206446673830011_3814906567952339423_n


12936737_10206446679470152_2470426264989766166_nThe most memorable part was the day I got to sit down one on one with people and share the Gospel and pray with them. It was cool to know that we had prayed for these people for a few months before going there and then see how well people responded and those who accepted Christ!     ~Stephanie Carey




12961502_10206446678910138_8540360032421147417_nThe most meaningful part of our mission trip was stepping out of my comfort zone, in every way, and truly feeling god working thru me.     ~Debby Clausen 12963602_10206446675150044_9090934038646156399_n


12961745_10206446673510003_8211851753193637768_nThis trip was a wonderful time in the Lord.  The team became my family.  I did work everyday at the Mission House as a pharmacy tech. And prayer warrior for those in the field. Many examples of the Lord at work. From glasses that were a perfect fit, to one of the team winning a 76 year old man to the Lord.  Thank you Sarah and The Crossing for this huge experience. PTL     ~Mary Griswold 12932596_10206446674350024_1335108019461445848_n



Sources: Honduras Team member quotes & photos via email.

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