Hard Questions About Obama and Abortion Every Christian Should Ask

I can’t stop thinking about it. Up until fairly recently I’ve listened to Barack Obama talk about how he wants to find ways to have less abortions in our country—that, while deciding exactly when a baby becomes a human life is “above his pay grade,” in essence he shares common ground with those who see abortion as a horrible solution to “unwanted” pregnancies—that he can be trusted as a reasonable, middle-ground, only lightly “pro-choice” president. And I wanted to believe him. I for one tend to like middle-ground solutions to divisive issues.

But I can’t stop thinking about it. In a democracy such as ours, am I just a kind of supporter of a favorite “horse in the race,” or am I morally responsible for my vote for who should lead us?

Here’s why I’m asking this question. I’ve read some very informative and challenging blogs and articles within the past few days by some very respected thinkers. These men are not radicals with a right-wing political agenda. They’re simply evaluating the potential presidency of Barack Obama based upon what he has actually said his agenda would be as president, and what his voting record has already been as a senator.

I’d like to share with you some links to the best of these blog posts, then I’d like to discuss with you the questions I personally can’t stop thinking about.

The blog and video that was the tipping point for me was this very informative YouTube video of Barack Obama’s speech at Planned Parenthood, then, and this is very important, the listing of the details about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that Barack Obama said he’d sign as his first act as a new President of the United States. View it here.

Here’s a brief but thought-provoking article by Robert P. George (Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University). Along with Yuval Levin (Senior editor of The New Atlantis), Dr. George takes Barack Obama to task for, well, …lying in the debate about his vote for opposing the Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Read it here.

Dr. George of Princeton also writes another challenging blog on Sen. Obama’s extreme pro-abortion agenda here.

Gerard Bradley (Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School) has an insightful essay online entitled “When Is It Acceptable for a ‘Pro-Life’ Voter to Vote for a ‘Pro-Choice’ Candidate?

Then there’s this blog by Randy Alcorn. He’s written several books I’ve used in my own devotional reading, as well as an insightful reference for some sermons I’ve preached in the past. I’ve always respected Randy for his reasoned, clear, and biblical thinking. He’s a very normal Christian guy who’s not extreme in the wrong things, but committed unto death to the right things.

By far the most disturbing blog and video is this one right here. WARNING: if seeing video footage of aborted babies may be too emotionally disturbing for you to watch, please do not feel the need to view this video. Just read the blog, but skip the video.

So, here are my questions—
Is it possible that we’re about to elect a president who, in spite of what he seems to be saying so well in nationally televised debates, in reality will have the most aggressive pro-abortion agenda of any president in our nation’s history? And if his planned agenda succeeds, doesn’t it seem more likely that there will be more abortions in our country, not less.

Let me tell you what I’ve been asking myself these past two weeks—Could this be that all-important, paramount moral issue of our time, like black slavery was in our country just 150 years ago—when an entire class of human beings was allowed to become a commodity of convenience for a dominant majority? Human beings were actually seen as the property of another, to be dispensed with at their desire. That was their legal right. Just like babies are seen today—the property of another just because they happen to be living in a mother’s womb—to be dispensed with at that mother’s desire as her legal right. Where would you have stood on black slavery then? Where do you stand on abortion today?

Could this be the moral issue of our time that defines who we are and what we’ll accept as a people? Like Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s under Hitler (a very popular leader in Germany!)—when an entire class of human beings was allowed to be killed simply because the majority deemed them as undesirable. A nationally accepted genocide of the undesirable. Where would you have stood on exterminating the Jews in 1940? Where do you stand on abortion today?

Would you vote for a pro-slavery president? What if he was a better economist, a better global diplomat, a younger, hipper, more intelligent communicator who unashamedly spoke of his Christian faith? Would you vote for a pro-genocide president? What if he was a more winsome speaker, a more reasoned debater, a more popular leader on a national and global scale?

These are the hard questions I’m asking myself before I vote in this election. In all candor, I’m not 100% sure I have the right answers to these questions. But maybe you should ask them too.

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