Hard Lessons From A Young Man’s Mistake

More than anything else in life, Kevin Hart wanted to play football at a D1 program. He lifted weights, practiced hard, and attended camps at Cal, Oregon and the University of Nevada. But like most other high school football players, Kevin Hart just wasn’t good enough to play at that level. Unable to deal with reality, he decided to create his own reality by concocting an imaginary tale about Cal and Oregon waging a recruiting battle to get him to commit to their school.

Here’s an AP video (1:22)…

Here’s an interesting and revealing quote by Kevin Hart from Gene Wojciechowski’s story at ESPN.com…

“I wanted to play D-I ball more than anything,” he said in the statement. “When I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I made up what I wanted to be reality.”

A few lessons that we can learn…

1. You can’t create your own reality. Eventually the truth catches up to you. Of course you can try and even “succeed” for a while. For example, you might be able to trick your parents into believing that you are doing well in school, but eventually the grade cards are mailed out. You can spend money like you are a person of great wealth but eventually the bills come due. In the same way, you can try to live a part from God but eventually you must give an account to him for your life. No one can create their own reality.

2. People feel such great pressure to be a success in something that they will destroy their life to get it. Kevin Hart wanted to be a football player so badly that when he realized that wasn’t going to happen, he did great harm to himself. If his actions seem silly to you, it’s only because your dream wasn’t to be a football player. Your dream might be to have a strong Christian family. And maybe you want that dream so badly that you unintentionally alienate your kids from Christ. Your dream might be to become the best in your profession and in the process you destroy your family. Your dream might be to look a certain way and in the process of pursuing that dream you destroy your body or even your soul. This story is a good reminder that our greatest dream must be to “run the race” that God has given us to run. It is faithfully finishing that race that will bring true and lasting joy in our lives as well as the sense of “success” that we all long for.

3. It’s easy to fool people. Just think of all the people that Kevin Hart had convinced with his story. He’d fooled his parents. They were at the signing ceremony believing that their son was going to Cal. He had fooled his coaches because they were there too. He’d fooled his friends. They all stood and cheered his decision. But Kevin Hart did his best job fooling Kevin Hart. Somehow he had convinced himself that he was going to get away with this. Did he think that he could just show up on campus at Cal and that their would be a scholarship available for an athlete that they were barely aware of? Did he think that he could just go out on the field and the college coaches wouldn’t realize what was happening? That’s the point: He had fooled himself into believing things that I’m sure sound ridiculous to him now. The one person that you can’t fool is God. One day soon every person who has ever lived will give an account to a God who knows all of our actions, thoughts, words, and motives. That’s reality.

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