Happy One Two One Two One Two!

No doubt I’m not the first to point out today’s fun-fact date: 12-12-12. And at 12 minutes past noon today it will be 12:12 12-12-12! It happens only once every hundred years. So enjoy.

It actually is kind of fun to stop and notice the significance of the moment. It’s what we do at midnight on New Year’s Day. We mark the significance of the moment.

Make note that no other species on the planet will at all care or notice that it’s 12:12 12-12-12 today. This will be solely a human observance. It is uniquely human to want to signify meaning to life—to our lives—to this moment. It’s part of our being made in the image of God. We long for the significant—for significance. To live in moments of significance. To live with a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. That’s uniquely human. And it is something we long for because true significance actually exists.

I read Psalm 57 this morning. A great psalm to meditate on for a few mornings. Verse 2 reads, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me” (ESV). Only God can make a human life significant, to have significance. Otherwise, we just die and everything we do and have done is dead and gone, eventually. In a year—or a million years—eventually all we are and do will be nothing unless God renders our lives and what we do with our lives as eternally purposeful. Meaningful. Significant.

This is why God “sent from heaven” to “save me” (v. 3) in Jesus Christ. He has an eternal purpose for me, and for all those whom he saves in Jesus. Because of Jesus, every moment in our lives is significant. Filled with eternal purpose and meaning.

That’s what Christmas means. So Happy One Two One Two One Two!

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