Habitat for Humanity

­­­­­­­The Crossing routinely sends volunteer teams to build houses with Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has built 146 homes for families in Columbia since 1988. Current Habitat projects can be found here. All our Crossing Habitat work Saturdays are wrapped up for this year. If you are interested in volunteering starting Spring 2018, contact Mary Boese: [email protected]. If you would like to volunteer in a general Habitat work day this fall, contact the Habitat office: [email protected]

How Habitat works:

  • All the families have to meet the Habitat criteria and go through an interview process before qualifying for a home.
  • Once they have been approved they must put a certain number of hours of volunteer work into the construction of their own home.
  • The houses are not free but provided at a largely reduced rate.
  • The new owners can’t just turn around and sell their home.
  • They sign a contract to be in their home for a certain number of years.
  • They do keep the option of selling the home back to Habitat if they need to move.
  • Many of the materials used to build the homes are provided at a reduced rate because the suppliers want to support families who are willing to work and help build their own home.
  • Many of the families who get homes through Habitat are refugees. They are provided information through private and governmental refugee support agencies that help them know about Habitat along with how to access food, schooling, work etc.

At the Build-Site:

Bob Shannon, Weekend Supervisor, is the Habitat staff who oversees the build-site and volunteers. He has extensive construction experience. He guides and teaches volunteers to be successful in accomplishing construction tasks they may have never tried before.

Typical Volunteer Tasks Include:

  • framing the house
  • putting up siding
  • dry walling
  • shingling the roof
  • and more

 About our Volunteers:

  • There are usually 4 to 8 volunteers on a given Saturday.
  • The last work day was record breaking many more people showing up to help.
  • One of our work days this year the heat index was 112and we still had 7 or 8 volunteers that day.
  • We would much more done if we had MORE volunteers MORE consistently.

A Couple of Volunteer Stories:

  • Jane is a MU Professor and Habitat volunteer who shows up every Saturday The Crossing has a Habitat work day.
  • Brian Shannon, Bob’s son, is also a Crossing volunteer who makes sure to show up when The Crossing has a Habitat work day.

 Ways to Pray:

  • Pray for all Habitat families, especially those working toward qualifying for a Habitat home.
  • Pray for Habitat to have plenty of willing suppliers and partner churches and organizations.
  • Pray for safety for everyone on the Habitat build-sites.
  • Pray for God to urge more Crossing volunteers to be consistent in serving during our Habitat work Saturdays.
  • Pray for Mary Boese to be granted energy and wisdom in leading The Crossing’s Habitat Teams.

More About Mary:

  • Mary Boese, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator for The Crossing
  • Email: [email protected]

“If people have anything bad to say about our church, they usually say IT’S TOO BIG and you get lost in the crowd.  My reply is ALWAYS going to be, GET involved, serving is the BEST way to meet the church members and you are helping others WHILE you are getting to know your church family.  In a church our size, and a community like Columbia, there are countless ways to volunteer/serve that WONT take up much time but can still make a big difference.”

Mary is an HR specialist who readily admits she was not qualified to do home construction or lead The Crossing’s Habitat Team when she started but through Bob’s on-site direction and guidance she has grown into a great leader for our team. Her role as our Habitat Volunteer Coordinator for The Crossing involves scheduling the work days when our congregation is responsible to provide volunteers to the Habitat build-site. Then, she promotes the upcoming work days through the worship folder and Entry Point email in order to gather volunteers from our congregation.

She schedules 5 work Saturdays between May and Oct for The Crossing. On all of our work days, she is present and working on the build while also making sure everything goes well and assisting our volunteers.

She started in her role last year when Carly Love, the previous Habitat volunteer coordinator for The Crossing, needed to step down. Mary had only been a Habitat volunteer once when she heard Habitat needed a new coordinator for The Crossing. Initially, she didn’t think she could do it. When it became clear they needed her to keep the team going, she stepped up and has done a tremendous job. Both Habitat and our volunteers who serve alongside her are glad for her efforts.

A few more pics:


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