Giving By The Numbers

crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-002The Crossing has been giving to ministry partners since our earliest days. Below is our history of giving in graphic form. It’s pretty amazing to see how our congregational generosity has grown:

  • Our total yearly giving topped $1 million for the first time in 2015.
  • This took our grand total of giving to $5.38 million.

We give to:

  • Local Ministry Partners
  • Ministries Around the US
  • International Missionaries & Ministries

crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-001 crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-003 crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-004-a crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-005 crossinggivingtopartners2000to2015-006Source: Jim Beaty & staff


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