Getting Ready for Sunday May 7 at The Crossing

This week we continue our sermon series, “Risking Reality,” as Dave Cover preaches a sermon entitled, “Living into God’s Better Story” from Hebrews 11:39–40. The Scripture reads,

39 These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, 40 since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

We will take communion together this Sunday. God gives us communion to feed our faith, to help us trust in Christ’s death on our behalf. That means we have to reflect on why Christ died for us. We have to look again at ourselves and recognize our sin and ask God for forgiveness. A great way to get ready for communion, therefore, is to take some time this weekend to ask God to show you if there’s any sin in your life that you’re not seeing. Ask him for forgiveness. And if there are things you need to put right, in keeping with repentance, take the time today or this weekend to do that (e.g., Matt 5:23–24).

Here’s our song list for this Sunday (with links to lyrics and music):

We’re doing a new song this week, “Heal our Land.” The song invites us to pray to God for his Spirit to unify his people and to revive us so that he alone is our God. Its theme fits our service this week well. Take a listen and join us in singing it on Sunday.

Hail to the Lord’s Anointed [lyrics; Sandra McCracken version] – words by James Montgomery; music by Sandra McCracken

Nothing but the Blood [revised lyrics; Page CXVI version] – Robert Lowry; additional lyrics by Russ Mohr and Aaron Smith

Trinity Song [lyrics and listen] – Sandra McCracken

Heal our Land [lyrics; Kari Jobe version] – Scott Ligertwood, Kari Jobe, Brooke Ligertwood, Cody Carnes

We Will Feast in the House of Zion [lyrics and listen] – Sandra McCracken

See you on Sunday!

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