Getting Ready for Sunday May 4th at The Crossing

On Fridays we post a guide for how to prepare for the upcoming Sunday service. It gives you a chance to read the Bible passage ahead of time, see the song list, and get your mind and heart ready. You can see some of the rationale here.

We finish our section on the Ten Commandments this week, with Keith Simon preaching on the ninth commandment from Exodus 20:16 in a sermon titled, “Liar, Liar.” The Scripture reads, ““You shall not bear false witness.”

The great 80’s band, the Eurythmics, asked “Would I say something that wasn’t true? I’m asking you, sugar, would I lie to you?” The answer is yes. We lie all the time.

  • To acquaintances: “Sorry I’m late, bad traffic,” when actually we over-slept
  • To friends: “You look great. Have you lost weight?”
  • To friends and family: “I do care about how hard a day you had,” while we keep watching the game on television
  • To ourselves: “The only reason I didn’t get that promotion must be because the boss just hates me for my faith.”

Why do we lie so readily, so easily, so frequently? What is it about our hearts that leads us to embrace the lie? Do we even want to tell the truth? And if we do, what hope can the gospel offer to change us so that we learn to become truth-tellers instead? Join us Sunday for an exploration in both our actions and our hearts for lying and truth-telling.

Here’s our song list for this Sunday (with links to lyrics and music):

Rejoice [lyrics; listen] – words by Stuart Townend and Dustin Kensrue; music by Dustin Kensrue

Be Thou My Vision [lyrics; listen] – words attributed to Dallan Forgaill; translated by Mary Byrne; traditional Irish melody; music by David A. Cover, Rhett Johnson, Andrew Luley, and Ryan Ponder

Jesus Paid it All [lyrics; listen] – Elvina M. Hall; arranged by King’s Kaleidoscope

O Great God [lyrics and listen] – Bob Kauflin; based on The Valley of Vision prayer “Regeneration”

Onward Go [lyrics] – words by Henry K. White, Frances S. Fuller-Maitland, and Christopher Wordsworth; additional words by David A. Cover and Patrick Miller; music by William H. Pontius

See you on Sunday!

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