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Our hope here at Every Square Inch is to think well about how the Biblical worldview shapes the way we see all of life: culture, family, art, politics, economics, sports, and everything else. But just in case you are left wanting a little bit more access to good content, commentary, and conversations about these very issues, I thought I would use my post today to direct you to a few other blogs that I find personally helpful in my own life. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, but these few blogs are the ones I read most regularly. I hope you find them helpful and insightful too.

Between Two Worlds
Justin Taylor, an editor with Crossway Books, authors this blog that links to a vast array of content across the web. He does not add much of his own content, but since he is an insider in the Christian publishing world and has connections with Piper and other church leaders, this is a great ‘hub’ to stay connected to the conversations that are happening there as well as to find really good links to the most recent sermons, lectures, books and more.

This is a blog that explores the message of the gospel as it is lived out in a specifically suburban context. What about suburbia aids and inspires our faith? What hampers or stifles it? The guys at this blog explore these kinds of questions in a thoughtful way.
Tim Challies is a web designer by trade but seems to get his hands on all the newly released Christian titles out there. The strength of this blog is his book reviews, but there is other great content there so keep an eye out for it too.

CJ Mahaney’s View from the cheap seats and other stuff
For those of you not familiar with CJ Mahaney, he was the pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburge, Maryland before stepping down in order to direct Sovereign Grace Ministries, a ministry devoted to resourcing and supporting pastors. He has written a number of great little books (most of which you will find on the Crossing bookstore shelves). This blog is simply another opportunity to tap into the wisdom, humility, teaching, and humor of this great leader.

A Glass Darkly
Dennis Haack is the author of this blog and the director of Ransom Fellowship Ministries, a ministry devoted to a nuanced Christian discernment of culture as well as inspiring Christian discipleship. His blog obviously reflectst these values. This site is heavy on cultural engagement: book, film, and music reviews, some politics and theology, and peppered with devotional posts on occasion.

Desiring God Blog
Desiring God is the catch-all ministry name for John Piper’s church, books, website, and blog. He writes here often, but others chime in as well. If you are a Piper fan, check in here once a week and see whats new.

Steve McCoy authors this blog and is a pastor near Chicago. He also writes for Subtext, mentioned above. Highlights of this blog include the great Tim Keller resource page he has collected on the side bar of his page as well as tips on new and upcoming bands (the dude has great taste in music).

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