Famine Relief In Kenya

Racefield School is one of The Crossing’s ministry partners in Kenya. Recently they sent us a note explaining that their part of the country was experiencing a severe famine and therefore they were unable to provide food for the orphans and students involved in the school. In response The Crossing sent some money that would allow them to buy food that would last for the rest of the summer. Today we received a thank you via email that I wanted to share with you.

A couple of notes…
As you read it understand that English is not their first language. Also, the “Cami” that the email is addressed to is Cami Wheeler, a member of our church who travels to Kenya as a representative from The Crossing. Finally, the picture below was taken on the day that the food arrived. The girl is holding a sign that says thank you to the church.

Hi Cami,
We are have been and are praying for your health for quick recovery.
How we trust God to bring your health back to normal, may our gracious God
hear our prayers Amen.
The entire ministry of racefield is so humbled to be associated with wonderful
people of God like you! our situation is now shinning and people calls us blessed! yes we are!
Attached find some pictures of some of the pupils who were present as we brought in the food and the much food we managed to buy, this could take us until august, thats so special! amazingy the pupils who had quit school have come back and we are soo happy. Once again pass our special appreciation to your pastors and the entire church.
Cami, we hope you remember the very one well we were fetching water down the river, its the only well remaining with just little water now serving about 20 communities about 15kms radius but now its also drying up! we trust God for our own borehole which could solve our problems permanently, keep praying for us. pupils have sent lots of love.
We love you Cami.
Sammy & Felistus

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