“Expelled” Is a Film You Should See

OK, here’s a film tip—you should go see Ben Stein’s Expelled, which opened this weekend and, somewhat surprisingly, is even showing in a Columbia cinema (Hollywood). In my opinion (which is all blogs are, right?), this film is highly entertaining, humorous, different, provocative, informative and, again, in my opinion, effective in its goal of showing how academic freedom is being seriously limited in the academic scientific establishment. Through several interesting examples and angles, Stein shows how any scientific curiosity that may lead an inquisitive scientist outside a purely naturalistic evolutionary bias is being punished and banned by the scientific academy. The film makes you mad while you’re laughing at Ben Stein’s humorous sarcasm and openly “nerdy” approach to his subject. In my opinion, it really works.

Personally, many in our church know I’ve been vocal about how I disagree with Christians limiting scientific observations and conclusions to “permitted” parameters based upon perhaps faulty interpretations of Genesis 1-2 (and other biblical text mirroring Genesis 1-2). I for one do not believe the Bible tells us, or even intends to tell us, how old the universe is, or how old the earth is, or how long humanity has existed. I believe Christians who teach that it does so are making an interpretive error with the Bible. And so I believe scientists, and particularly Christian scientists, should be free in their conscience to learn and research and apply and teach whatever their science seems to indicate regarding origins of the universe, the earth, and life on earth, including humanity—all without fear or guilt that they are denying the Bible or their faith in some way.

But what Ben Stein’s Expelled does a good job of showing, again in Stein’s humorous, entertaining, and provocative style, is how the scientific establishment is making the exact same error, but just the other way around. If a scientist or journalist simply questions an aspect of Darwinian evolutionary theory in some way, or in some way suspects that data may indicate a convincing level of intelligent design in nature, that scientist is banished and blacklisted from his or her position at the university or scientific institution. Example after example disturbingly shows how real academic freedom has been seriously lost and a new kind of thought police with a kind of shoot-to-kill orders are walking the academic halls. Expelled exposes this in an enjoyable, entertaining, convincing, yet very unsettling kind of way.

So if you’re looking for some movie entertainment that makes you laugh, think, mad, and informed, I highly recommend going to see Expelled. Take your older kids with you. But hurry, before this film is expelled from Columbia theaters.

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