Drought & Famine in Africa & Yemen

Pray for the more than 20 million people facing starvation in Africa and Yemen. Because of these regional food shortages, costs have doubled then tripled for our partner ministries in central Kenya.

The Crossing is sending funds for food relief to our partner ministries, especially to our partner church, New City Fellowship, and to the schools we support who feed and educate orphans and vulnerable children: Pistis School in Karen, Racefield School in Mwingi, Christ the Redeemer School in Ongata Rongai, and El Shaddai School in Mukuru.

Racefield School is in an area much more susceptible to drought. Your past assistance is making a difference even now. Funding provided by Crossing2Kenya and Crossing Kids in the past has helped Racefield School to have greater food security.

These measures include:

  • Drip irrigation for a large vegetable garden
  • Gardening and food security measures are part of the school’s curriculum and all the children take part in tending the garden and animals.
  • A deep well provides safe water for the children and for the school’s irrigation project. It also serves many families in the surrounding community. 
  • A dairy cow to provide much needed milk.
  • A hen & egg project to provide much needed protein.

According to Dominik Stillhart, Director of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross reported in this article from Voice of America,

“This is not business as usual,” he said. “Twenty million people facing starvation is not something that we are dealing with every day and, therefore, we really need to act now. If we act now, especially in Yemen and in Somalia, famine can be averted.”

In addition to Yemen and Somalia, South Sudan and northeast Nigeria are also facing famine conditions. Many times famine conditions are the product of war, civil unrest and political corruption as much as from drought conditions. Drought when combined with horrific failures of infrastructure results in large populations falling into peril.

Last year’s El Nino weather event brought drought to much of East Africa including nearly half the counties in Kenya. Even Kenya with its relatively stable infrastructure and functioning government has been taken beyond its resources and into a state of emergency leaving millions more on the brink of famine according to this excerpt from BBC News.

Kenya’s president has declared the drought, which has affected as much as half the country, a national disaster.

Uhuru Kenyatta appealed for international aid and said the government would increase food handouts to the most needy communities.

Kenya’s Red Cross says 2.7 million people face starvation if more help is not provided.

Other countries in the region have also been hit by the drought, blamed on last year’s El Nino weather phenomenon.

In Somalia, nearly half the population is suffering from food shortages and the UN says there is a risk of famine in several parts of the country.


Voice of America News


Photos: Cam Wheeler

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