Does “Pray Without Ceasing” Apply to Moms, Too?

Do you think Paul ever talked to moms of young children when he commanded us to “pray without ceasing?” (1 Thess. 5:17). If you’re like me, your times spent in uninterrupted prayer are brief. Small children often mean time alone is rare, much less time to think! Even with the best of plans and intentions, these little babies wake up earlier than you planned or need a snack or a cuddle or some kind of care, and that prayer time you thought you were going to have never happened. 

Sometimes I mourn the days of my single life when I had all the time in the world to sit down for an hour at my favorite coffee shop and dwell in the richness of God’s Word, giving time to every hard thing going on and praying over them individually. While I know that someday I’ll get that time back, it’s not always my everyday reality anymore. Life looks different, and that’s okay. But even though that time to intercede for our children seems scarce, it’s nonetheless important. Somehow, God uses those prayers in their lives and he uses those prayers to deepen our trust in him. God has tasked me with raising this one-year-old early riser, and I so want to increase the prayer I invest on his behalf.

One practical thing I’ve been trying to do is to combine prayer with some of my everyday activities. I share this in hope that it helps you too, because though I often fail, I need concrete ideas like this all the time. I’ve been learning that if I develop the habit of praying throughout the day, my prayer time expands and my thoughts seem to focus more on what really matters.

Pray when feeding your kids. Ask God to nourish their souls, that God’s word would feed them and that they would hunger for it.

Pray when changing diapers or clothes. Ask God to clothe them in his righteousness.

Pray when you bathe them. Ask God to cleanse them spiritually, to shine his light on their little souls. Ask God to create in them pure hearts.

Pray when your baby is up for the 4th time that night. Ask God to give your child a strong sense of trust and security.

Pray when you walk or wash the dishes. Keep a little notecard of a few specific things for your kid on top of the stroller or the ledge in front of the sink – maybe self-control, generosity, and of course, their salvation.

Pray when gardening or pulling weeds. Ask God to expose and weed out the sin in yourself and in your kids.

Pray when you pass your kid’s school. Ask God to develop their minds and to use their teachers to cultivate wisdom.

I’m trying to remember to use these everyday moments as triggers to point my mind to Christ because I’m helpless without him. May God use our prayers to grow our children in his grace.


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