Do I Need A Gym Membership to Exercise?

My wife and I enjoy (well, at least sometimes enjoy, the rest of the time we do it because we know we need it) working out, and thus, joined Wilson’s Fitness last year. Being able to sit on a bike, run on a treadmill, or a climb a stair-stepper while watching ESPN has revolutionized my exercise life.

Well, one day last week, during Kids Club, I was trying to carve out 90 minutes of my day to go to the gym. I didn’t need to lift weights that day, I just needed some cardio. The complication, however, was that I needed like three sets of clothes, a towel, soap, and deodorant, among some other things, to make it work. I needed clothes to wear at the office, clothes to work out in, and my Dr. Ohio Bones’ costume. Packing all of that up was just too confusing and time-consuming, so I didn’t make it to the gym that day. And, accordingly, didn’t get the cardio work in that I needed.

The next day, a thought occurred to me: how did I previously work out before having a gym membership? Well, I have ESPN at home, but no bike or treadmill…wait…I remember, I used to run outside! That’s right, I would simply put on my tennis shoes, drink some extra water, and either head to the trail or run around the neighborhood.

You see, I had become so accustomed to my workout routine at the gym, and had in many ways used it as a crutch for my exercise, that I neglected the obvious fact that I could (as many do) exercise quite easily from my home. I didn’t need a special building, or a gym membership to get off my rear.

And yet, that’s what many of us do when it comes to exercising our faith, isn’t it? We’re so dependent upon Sunday mornings, or a Connections class, or a small group bible study, that we forget to nurture our faith at home. Yes, worshiping and drinking in the truths of Scripture on Sundays is a wonderful thing. But I can and need to worship at home during the week as well. I’ve got a Bible and I’ve got a mouth that can pray outside the confines of a church building.

So, take that for what it’s worth. Don’t use The Crossing, or a building, as a crutch for your faith. Don’t let Sundays be the only day you can worship. Don’t make the obvious mistake I did.

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