Do Christians Hate and Condemn Gays?

So Dan Savage is a homosexual activist who uses the various media outlets he’s involved with to argue for same-sex marriage, among other things. He’s also the founder (along with his husband Terry) of the It Gets Better Project that seeks to help prevent suicides of LGBT kids by telling them that as they grow older their lives will get better.

In the same spirit, Savage has created the NALT Christians Project (Not All Like That). It’s very similar to the It Gets Better Project in that the goal is to have Christians post short, self-made videos announcing to the LGBT community and other Christians that not all Christians hate and condemn homosexuals. And so far it seems that they’ve had several people claiming to be Christians (I’m not doubting their faith, it’s just that I don’t know them) create videos with such a message.

A few thoughts…

  1. Let’s just start with a quick question: Why is it that people who disagree with Christianity and the Bible are consumed with the desire to redefine Christianity (a faith they reject) so as to grant them approval for their life and beliefs?
  2. If you casually watch Dan Savage’s video, you might miss how unfairly he’s framed the issue. You see in the video’s very simple world there are only two types of Christians: those who hate and condemn homosexuals and those who affirm everything related to the LGBT platform. But of course this isn’t true. Savage is a smart guy so I’m sure that he knows what he’s done. More formally, it’s called the “fallacy of the excluded middle” in which a person tries to win a debate by oversimplifying the issue and leaving out other legitimate options. Since no one wants to side with those who hate and condemn homosexuals, Dan’s counting on you to adopt his position of full affirmation.
  3. One of the positions that the project leaves out is what I think of as the biblical position or the true Christian position. Although I’m not going to argue the point here, I’m pretty sure that the Bible teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. But that in no way justifies the hatred or condemning of people who commit this particular sin, much like lying is sinful but that doesn’t give anyone reason to hate and condemn liars. Jesus comes out on the side of love and against condemnation. But according to Jesus, it isn’t hateful or condemning to tell people that they are sinners. If that were the case, then Jesus would be hateful and condemning because he constantly called people on their sin.
  4. I think the NALT Project is further evidence that Christians are going to be forced into a rather uncomfortable position. Either deny biblical teaching that same sex acts are sinful or be labeled hateful, condemning, bigots, etc. and pushed to the margins of polite society. The idea that advocates of same-sex marriage just want their rights and that Christians (and others whose religion teaches that homosexual acts are contrary to God’s design) are going to be unaffected, seems sillier with each passing day. Here is a thought experiment: Ten years from now, who will experience more discrimination: gays or Christians?

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