Cor Update: 2017 in Review

As we look back on 2017, and scroll through pictures and videos of all the things we have been able to experience with the Cor guys, we can’t help but stop and realize all the support and love people have poured into Cor and our students throughout the year. Since our last update in the Spring of 2017, so much has happened. We have walked through hard situations with kids, cheered them on during athletic competitions and academic achievements, and have watched them grow into a family of boys that support and encourage each other like brothers. We know that none of this would be possible without people like you, and for that we are incredibly thankful. Enjoy a glimpse of what life has been like at Cor for the last 6 months, and thank you again for all of the food, tutoring, encouraging talks, financial support, and love you have poured into Cor this year! – Travis, Angie and Jared

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Jamaica Mission Trip

In June of 2017 we were once again given the opportunity to travel to Jamaica, to build homes and build relationships with the people of Harmons. This year, Travis, Angie and Jared were all able to go, along with three Cor students and the mother of one of the guys! It was great watching everyone dive into the experience and learn more about themselves and the Jamaican culture. All of them want to go back again 🙂 and are trying to convince us to take “everyone at Cor” next time. We are incredibly thankful for The Crossing, who gave us the opportunity to tag along on the trip!!

Summer Camps

When they weren’t participating in summer football workouts and work commitments, many of our guys went to summer camps to enjoy some time out of Columbia with fellow Cor brothers. 10 Cor students (along with Travis and a couple of Cor volunteers), traveled to Sharptop Cove Young Life camp in Georgia for “the best week of their lives” (as the guys put it). We also had 12 guys travel to Ocoee, Tennessee for camp with The Crossing! Five Middle School Cor students (along with Jared and several volunteers) went to Camp Awesome, while seven high school guys experienced Camp Rocky Top!


One of the most exciting things about our volunteers, is how they include Cor guys in their lives. This year, volunteer Alex Heck married Kalli Sikes, and invited several guys to help him celebrate at his wedding! Chris Kurtz (Cor intern and soon to be part time staff member) married Rachael Rogers and invited some of our middle guys to his wedding as well! The guys had a great time, and for many of them, it was the first wedding they have ever been to!

Cor Alum

This fall, 10 Cor students started a new chapter of their life in college! Between moving them into dorms, attending college football games, and getting texts like “I got an A on my math exam” or “I really think I might be able to get a 3.5 this semester,” it’s been fun watching them excel in new adventures and challenges. We are also entering a new stage of Cor, where guys are starting to graduate from college, which is incredibly exciting to watch!! Three students will be receiving their degrees in May, with two going on to grad school!!

Lange Expansion

This Fall we expanded our work with Middle School students, and started working with Lange Middle School in Columbia. Five students from Lange (and one from Oakland Middle School), were added to our group of six Gentry Middle School guys. (Jared now heads up efforts at Lange, with Chris Kurtz and Jared both working with Gentry). The Lange students came into Cor with a strong desire to “get my grades right” and instantly brought humor and brotherhood to the Middle School program. Teachers, coaches and administration at Lange have been incredible to work with, which is a huge reason why there has been so much success and a smooth transition this Fall. We can’t wait to watch what these guys do second semester!

Fall Athletics

Much of this fall was spent cheering on guys at their sporting events! Whether it was Friday Night Lights and Thursday night middle school football, traveling throughout Missouri to watch our Cross Country runners compete, or cheering at soccer games on Saturdays, we loved watching students represent Cor in athletics. Next up is wrestling, track and field, and basketball!


It’s no secret that a majority of our student’s time at the building each evening, is dedicated to academics. After a long day at school, and often practices that go until 7:30 or 8:00 at night, long nights knocking out homework and working with tutors is a norm during the school year. Student’s hard work however, has really paid off. Grades have never been higher, and teachers have been commenting on work ethic, and quality of work, which is better than it’s ever been. One teacher even said “The confidence he is showing is incredible. He takes so much pride in his work!”

We are also getting texts from kids almost daily, wanting to show us their grades on tests, or saying things like “Remind me tonight I need to email my teacher about that test coming up.” We are really proud of the guys, and even more importantly…they are really proud of themselves.

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