Christmas Eve Links

Here are a spattering of links from the web the past few weeks that caught my attention.  Enjoy them, but more importantly, enjoy your Christmas Eve and loved ones.

To Santa or Not to Santa – An ongoing discussion amongst Christian parents exists over how we should talk about and celebrate Santa Claus with our young children.  My son is 2, so I have another year before he knows what’s going on.  If I had to decide now I’d forego the “Santa brought presents” storyline with him (not for the reasons he mentions in this article), but either way this is a good read and something worth considering.

Young Adults and the Church – A discussion of the Barna Group’s recent survey on young adults leaving the church.  I never trust statistics blindly, and I have some questions on the methodology…but it’s not as if these conclusions are patently false.  They may be over-exaggerated, but they are certainly true of some people and we would be foolish to not consider and adjust if needed.  This applies directly to Student Ministry at The Crossing.  But it also applies to how parents represent Christianity to their teens.

Sleep or Surf – This study says that around 25% of people spend more time on the internet than in bed.  I’m sure this has implications for other people who may do such things.  Just thought I’d give all of you a heads up.

The Boston Globe’s Year in Pictures – Parts 1, 2, and 3.  I love this website and particularly these end of year features.  Some are beautiful, some are depressing, but all are moving.

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