Christians Acting Like Christians

Christians (or those calling themselves Christians) say and do a lot of dumb things. I was going to link to several examples but got depressed in the process and gave up. Given our inclination, both individually and corporately, to sin, it’s right for us to examine ourselves and admit when we’ve blown it. It’s right for the church to repent and seek to live more Christ like. It’s right to even disavow our association with those whose words or actions are way out of line.

But, in my opinion, some times Christians enjoy the self flagellation too much. We get too down on the church, subtly distancing ourselves from it, embarrassed to be called Christians. I know this happens because it happens to me.

As I’ve said before, the vast majority of Christians I know are–not perfectly, but genuinely–compassionate and humble, generous and gracious. Here are some recent examples.

1. This past Tuesday night I had the chance to represent The Crossing at an annual event hosted by the Columbia Council of PTAs to honor outstanding volunteers in the public schools. Five members of The Crossing were recognized for their service in various schools. There weren’t that many awards given and 5 were from one church! I was proud (in a good way) to be a Christian, proud to be a part of a church with people who gave sacrificially of their time to serve teachers, kids, and parents.

All the recipients of the awards that evening were individuals except one–The Crossing was recognized for our partnership with Lange Middle School. There are a number of people from The Crossing who have adopted teachers at Lange, buying them small gifts and sending them encouraging notes. Others have take the initiative to provide food and gift certificates for the Lange Leaders Breakfast where students are recognized each quarter for their character, effort, leadership, and academics. Still others provide meals during Teacher Appreciation Week. Receiving a certificate from the PTA for our church’s efforts may seem small to you but that night it didn’t seem small to me. I was proud (in a good way) to be the pastor of a church who loves and serves our city.

2. A few weeks ago, we gave people the chance to obey James 1:27 by sponsoring a child through Compassion International. 150 kids from all around the world were sponsored through the church that Sunday and many more people signed up online.

3. I am so thankful for the ministry that people in our church have in local prisons and the help they offer those who have been released. If you didn’t see the video we showed in the service a couple weeks ago, please watch it here.

4. Many of you signed up at last weeks ministry fair to start serving through one of the church’s ministries to those in our church and community who are in a difficult season and need some extra help.

Please don’t misunderstand my point. I am not saying that our church is above criticism. Hardly. There are many areas that I’m sure that God wants us to grow in. All I am saying is that God is at work here. We should rejoice in what he’s doing and find a way to get involved in the church and the city.

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