Christian Books For Kids

Every Christian parent has searched for books that will help them communicate biblical truth to their kids. Unfortunately those aren’t easy to find. But the difficulty isn’t because there aren’t a lot of books on the market to choose from. The problem is that some children’s books fail to get the stories right focusing on people instead of God or leaving out important elements. Others are biblically faithful but lack creativity or age appropriateness. Here are a few resources that I would recommend. Some of these my wife and I have used with our kids while others are newer and come highly recommended from trusted sources.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. Sally Lloyd-Jones.
What sets this Bible apart from others is that it helps children (and parents) understand that Jesus is the center of the Scriptures.

The Big Picture Story Bible
. David Helm.
This strength of this one is that it emphasizes that the Bible is one story from beginning to end. The weakness is that it seems to skip some important biblical stories.

Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching your children to live for God
. Susan and Richie Hunt.
My kids enjoyed this book quite a bit. Each chapter begins with questions and answers from The First Catechism and then is followed by a related story. What I enjoyed about this book is that it helps my kids develop a more substantive faith.

My ABC Bible Verses – Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts
. Susan Hunt.
Each story of the alphabet has a Bible verse and a story that illustrates the truth. Another one of my kids’ favorites.

Praying the Bible for your Children. David and Heather Kopp.
This book is designed to help you pray biblical prayers for your kids. The best thing that I can tell you is that my wife encourages every parent she knows to get it. You can turn the prayers into devotional conversations by sharing the verses with your kids. The problem is that this book is out of print but you can buy used copies online.

Around the Table Family Talk – Daily Conversation Starters
This is not a devotional but something that we occassionaly use to help our family get beyond the surface in our dinner conversations. You can order them at [email protected]

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