Cheap Ideas for the Family

My family is always on the lookout for inexpensive things to do during the summer. There are a number of good options near Columbia. One that our family liked is the Truman Library in Independence, MO.

Here’s an interesting letter courtesy of the library…

When asked later in his life what was his toughest decision as President, Mr. Truman stated that it was the decision to enter the Korean War. He must have spent many agonizing nights pondering decisions which he knew would bring trauma to many American families. One letter which must have had a sobering effect was the one below from Mr. Banning of New Canaan, Connecticut. Harry Truman kept this letter in his desk drawer for many years. Mr. Banning included in the envelope his dead son’s Purple Heart.

Nursery Rd
New Canaan

Mr. Truman

As you have been directly responsible for the loss of our son’s life in Korea, you might just as well keep this emblem on display in your trophy room, as a memory of one of your historic deeds.

Our major regret at this time is that your daughter was not there to receive the same treatment as our son received in Korea.


William Banning

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