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The Party Barge

The Christmas season is in full swing and, as I do every year, I find myself struggling to balance all the activities going on around me. I want to make time to focus on the extraordinary gift God sent us by way of His Son becoming the child born on Christmas Day. But I also

Gratitude for ‘The Grind’

Life in Columbia, Missouri, is – to my way of thinking, anyway – somewhat unique in that so much of what goes on here is tied to the academic calendar of the University of Missouri. Perhaps that’s not too surprising, since well over 32,000 students ebb and flow back into our modest city with the

Gratitude Brought On by Perspective

Try as I might to cultivate a lasting awareness of God’s goodness and mercy, I’ve nevertheless found gratitude to be an elusive anchor for my soul. In my last post here on ESI (“Fighting My Way Toward Gratitude“) I confessed that I, too, am a forgetful person – very much like the ancient Israelites wandering

Why You Hate Work

If you have a job, odds are good that there’s a lot about it that you don’t like. At least that’s the finding of business consultant Tony Schwartz and Georgetown University professor Christine Porath. In their New York Times Sunday Review article “Why You Hate Work,” they offer data and other observations that suggest, “for most of us…work is a depleting, dispiriting experience, and in some obvious ways, it’s getting worse.”

Some factors behind this widespread dissatisfaction include work demands exceeding the time available, other pressures springing from a less than robust economy, and the rise digital technology, which can make us feel constantly obligated to respond to new information, requests, and problems.

Why Does Work Suck in Your 20s?

Let me lay my cards on the table. I’m a twenty-something. So I write not as a seasoned worker, but as a peer struggling to finding meaning after college. I became disillusioned with work quickly after graduation. My job was to fundraise, and I expected this to be both encouraging and quick. It was neither.