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Happy Endings Preview: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

What would happen if that sound you heard in the back yard as a kid couldn’t be chalked up to something “normal.” Not the wind. Not some kind of animal. No, this time it’s really something from another world. That’s the opening conceit of director Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. What follows has

Happy Endings Preview: Pride & Prejudice

Last January, lovers of Jane Austin celebrated Pride & Prejudice’s 200th birthday with reading marathons, plays, tributes, balls, and even Pemberley themed desserts. English women recently ranked it as the most influential book in their lives. The novel’s been adapted to film five times in the last 60 years (including a Bollywood adaptation titled Bride & Prejudice). Despite two

Happy Endings Preview: Safety Not Guaranteed

I usually keep a fairly close eye out for new movie releases, but Safety Not Guaranteed, this week’s screening in our “What’s So Wrong with Happy Endings” series, completely slipped my notice. And when a friend recommended that I watch the film after it was released on video, I viewed it with a slate that

Why “What’s So Wrong with Happy Endings?”

If you’ve been around The Crossing for the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about the summer film screening series we’re presenting in partnership with Ragtag Cinema: “What’s So Wrong with Happy Endings?” I thought I’d briefly give you a few reasons why (a) we’re excited to offer the series and (b) you might want