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Donald Miller: I Don’t Connect with God at Church

What you say to someone who told you the following?: “I don’t experience…intimacy [with God] in a traditional worship service. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of sermons I actually remember. So to be brutally honest, I don’t learn much about God hearing a sermon and I don’t connect with him

The God of Slashers

No. I’m not talking about graphic horror films (although God might wonder why we delight in dismembering the sixth commandment). I’m talking about a new, quickly growing career field, made up (mostly) of young 20 and 30-somethings. “Slashers” or “soloprenuers” can’t sum-up their job title with one quick description, because they’re modern day renaissance men

The God of Architects and Designers

Last week I wrote about common Christian misconceptions about work and vocation. This week I’m going to take a Biblical look at at two interrelated vocations: architecture and design. My grandfather owned and operated his own architecture firm in St. Louis. So, living around the corner from him, I grew up in the world of blueprints,

The God of All Vocations

College students often ask me what God thinks about their major (and future career). They wonder (in my words) if God’s too vested in ministry to care about biology, law, economics, literature, business, or architecture. It’s a great question, because many of them attended churches that dichotomized the world into two categories: sacred and secular.