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Thoughts from a Funeral

This past week I found myself attending the funeral of a close friend’s mom – someone beloved by anyone who knew her, someone who endured pain and illness to the end, praising her Maker. There is something about coming face to face with the death of others that makes you slow down and think – about your own life, your death, this world, and about the reality of God and eternity. I suppose one cannot help but think about the fact that death is the end of every story, even our own. And we can’t help but think about who will be at our funeral, who will speak, and what will be said about us. For me, much of this is attributed to my ego and pride. I want to be well thought of! I want others to talk about how great I was! I want to leave a story of a life well-lived!

Perfect Love Seen in Hindsight

As a latecomer to Christ, I have found myself looking back on my life recently and – yet again – thanking God for the hard things I’ve lived through. No, I’m not a liar, though you could be forgiven for snorting and scoffing right about now. Or for wondering if I’m a bit of a