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A Few Takeaways from the True/False Film Fest

In the wake of another True/False Film Fest I’m left, as usual, still thinking and talking with others about several of the films I saw over the extended weekend. Having been alternately intrigued, frustrated, encouraged, captivated, saddened, and flat struck with wonder, I’ve cobbled together brief notes on some things I gleaned from a few

My Response to the New York Times article on The Crossing and True/False

Last weekend the New York Times published an article about The Crossing’s partnership with the Truth/False Film Festival. It was printed in the Sunday edition in the Arts & Leisure section, page 29. The online version was published on Friday, 2/21/14. You can view it online here: When the New York Times reporter contacted me

5 Questions to Process Your True/False Doc Binge

If you spent your weekend binging on documentaries (like me), then the last thing you probably want to do is spend more time thinking about it. But there’s never enough time during the festival to process I view, and if I don’t take time to think through my experience, I tend to mindlessly consume it.