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Not At All Surprising: Western Christians Meets the Heirs of ‘Arthur Jensen’

This past week, the Irvine Company, managers of the Fashion Island Mall in Orange County, California, made the decision to take down all ads for Pastor Greg Laurie’s annual Harvest outreach, to be held Aug. 17-19 at Angel Stadium. The Harvest ads had been contracted and paid for but, apparently, just the sight of a

‘Pursuing Love’ and Our Prodigals

I recently picked up a book with what seemed like a terrible title to me, but was written by a man whose writing I have come to respect and have learned a lot from in the last year. Jack Miller – pastor, evangelist, author and founder of World Harvest Mission, as well as father to

Headlines That Don’t Tolerate Both Ways

June’s Atlantic front cover features the headline, “What Straights Can Learn From Same-Sex Couples: Why gay marriages tend to be happier and more intimate.” When I saw it I asked myself a question: what would happen if they published the same headline inverted? “What Same-Sex Couples Can Learn From Straights: Why straight marriages tend to

Rethinking the Everyday Value of Church History

Several months ago, if you had asked me to consider reading up on the history of the Christian church, my response likely would have been something in the ZIP code of, “I’m sorry, but I think you have mistaken me for someone with an insomnia issue. The truth is that I have absolutely no problems

What Does Real Tolerance Look Like?

Tolerance is one of the great virtues of our age. But what does it really look like? If you read ESI, or watch the Point of Focus videos, you know this is a topic we touch on, because it’s such a big issue today. What passes for tolerance is often not so tolerant. Keith blogged

What does our judging say about us?

The behavior of Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice has been a hot topic this week. ESPN’S Outside the Lines showed practice footage of Rice physically and verbally abusing his players. The tapes came to Athletic Director Tim Pernetti’s attention in December, and he fined and suspended Rice for three games. But with the video

New POF: Taking a Closer Look at Tolerance–Pt. 2

This month’s Point of Focus is the the second installment in a series called “Taking a Closer Look at Tolerance.”

Taking a Closer Look at Tolerance: New Video Point of Focus

Check out a new video edition of Point of Focus, our monthly web feature at The Crossing:

Point of Focus for November 2012 from The Crossing on Vimeo