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I’ve been driving a lot lately, as part of my job, and I’ve had a lot of time to sample the local radio stations. One station, with the call letters KJOY* is, as you might expect, a Christian station. Like most radio stations, they sing their jingle about once every 3 minutes or so. (An

nature is a laid trap

I can never go to a wedding without imagining myself getting married; I can never go to a funeral and not imagine myself in the casket. I suppose no contemplative person can. This past weekend, my friend Luke’s dad died. At the funeral in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, I watched person after person stand and

a little God figurine

A few days ago I found an old book of short stories by J. R. R Tolkien. There’s not a hobbit to be found in the whole book, but they’re still good stories. There was a moment in Smith of Wootton Major that gave me chills. Preparing for the Children’s Feast, the Master Cook’s strange