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Is the mall your temple?

Two weeks ago, we looked at how “secular temples” have the power to shape our desires. Today we’ll put some feet on this idea as we look at the mall (and the entire consumeristic complex) as a temple that shapes our souls by forming our conception of the good life, in antithesis to God’s conception.

Secular Temples: Moby Dick Dispels the Self-Formation Myth.

Who has the most power to shape you? Your desires? Your idea of the good life? Today we often answer “myself.” It’s a modern myth, that’s been concretized by social media (where you create a digital profile of self that’s constructed with staged instagram photos, arduously crafted tweets, and market-worthy Facebook posts), and rugged American

Secular Temples: What Shapes Your Soul?

Last week we looked at God’s mission through the temple.* Today I want to look at one of the more subtle roles of the temple: spiritual formation.** The New Testament envisions God’s people as, “being joined together, [growing] into a holy temple in the Lord” (Eph. 2:21).We are a spiritual temple, built not by human

God’s Mission for the Temple Matters Today

If you’ve been around The Crossing for long enough, you’ve probably experienced an expansion in your understanding of idolatry. What once connoted wooden or stone statues of powerless pagan deities, now includes any good thing we elevate to an ultimate thing by worshipping it. (Success, control, sex, money, etc.) Likewise, the Bible’s understanding of the