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The Complicated Cloud of ‘Dark-and-Detached’

God bless the members of my Crossing small group; they continue to tolerate all sorts of crazed nonsense from me. Most recently, several of them agreed to come over on a Friday night and watch director Franc Roddam‘s 1979 attempt to bring The Who‘s 1973 double album Quadrophenia to the big screen. For many of

‘Small, Contained’ Moral Failures

My wife and our 18-year-old daughter recently finished watching over 50 hours of the hit television crime series Breaking Bad. We very intentionally waited for the series to end before we began our viewing so that we would not be overly-influenced by the hype, multiple Emmy awards and rave reviews that seemed to sprout up

Breaking Bad and Walter’s One Ring

Let me write in the clearest terms: this blog contains spoilers. As a viewer who believes loose tongues sink ships, the last thing I want to do is ruin for you the most profound TV drama I’ve ever experienced. Now, I know that’s a bold statement (and I’m not the only one making it), but

Will Don Draper Join the Redeemed?

Two months ago I stopped to review the first half of Mad Men season six. Beginning with Don Draper sunbathing in Hawaii as he reads Dante’s Inferno. The season descends as every joy and glory that Don once lived for is crushed. His former idols ooze with self-loathing until they lie empty and hopeless. His

Where Exactly is ‘The Line’ Nowadays?

At what point is it better to be regarded as “out of it” than to keep pace with the latest TV shows, music, and magazines? When is it obviously better to be sanctified and pursuing holiness than to be able to quip along with everyone else at the fashionable cocktail party? These are not rhetorical

Undeniably Invested: A Few Lessons from ‘Downton’

My wife and I finally finished viewing our DVD set of the (perhaps-over-publicized) third season of “Downton Abbey” late last week. It was something of a nail-biter to make it to the end of the ninth episode without someone, somewhere, further revealing additional plot points ahead of schedule. However, despite the best efforts of The

Downton Abbey, Prostitutes, and Contagious Holiness

I love me some Downton Abbey. The slightly over the top storylines, the historical setting, the upstairs-downstairs dynamic—my wife and I really enjoy it. The storyline of Ethel, the housemaid turned prostitute, has intrigued and frustrated me. Forced to leave Downton after being caught having sex, she ended up a single mother unable to support