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A Gentle Boost for ‘Prayer Weaklings’

If you have moved around in Christian circles for very long, chances are good that you have met at least one person whom others refer to as a “Prayer Warrior.” The term is often used to describe a much-admired individual who has the self-discipline and perseverance to stay in an ongoing dialog with God throughout

Did Apple Go Too Far?

I admit it. I’m one of those people. I love Apple products. When I switched (converted?) to an Apple laptop several years ago, I swore I’d never go back. Now hardly a day goes by without me spending a substantial amount of time on one or more Apple devices. So yes, I’m a dedicated fan.

‘Good Samaritans’ in the Digital Age

My day job requires me to stay current with the latest tools and tricks relative to providing information via the Internet. As a full-time Web developer at Mizzou, I serve my employer best when I use the tools of the online age to connect relationally with MU faculty, staff, students and alumni in a manner

Technology and Religion in the Washington Post

This morning I came across a recent column from Washington Post religion columnist Lisa Miller on the subject of technology and religion. Keith has done a fine job approaching this subject here lately at ESI (your can read his posts here, here, and here), so my curiosity was even more piqued when I saw the