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Talking Pictures in Review: Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane, a work that routinely finds itself at or near the top of cinematic “best of” lists, is probably one of the most talked about movies in history. That made it a perfect candidate to be a vintage selection for our Talking Pictures screening series at The Crossing. Here’s a recap of some of

What Does It Want Me to Want? The Message of Children’s Books (and Any Books)

Do children’s books help create little consumers to want more and more stuff from the earliest age? Recent research by Rachel Franz investigates children’s books, their storyline and pictures, to see whether they influence kids toward a consumer lifestyle, to believing that having more toys means happiness or approval or more friends. Franz admits she

Talking Pictures in Review: The Artist

One shouldn’t miss the irony of holding an event called “Talking Pictures” that centers on what is almost exclusively a silent film. Nevertheless, we did view—and discuss—The Artist last Friday night. And for those of you who are cinephiles, I thought I’d include a few points from the post-film conversation. To begin with, watching The

In Case You Missed It: Undefeated’s Bill Courtney

“Let’s see here. Starting right guard shot, no longer in school. Starting middle linebacker shot, no longer in school. Two players fightin’ right in front of the coach. Starting center arrested. Most coaches, that would be pretty much a career’s worth of crap to deal with. I think that sums up the last two weeks

The Talking Pictures Discussion of HolyWars

As Dave previewed last week, we screened the documentary HolyWars this past Friday night as a part of our ongoing Talking Pictures series. The event was unusual in that the film’s director, Stephen Marshall, was actually on hand to participate in the discussion afterward (a first for Talking Pics—the Cohen brothers turned us down to