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A threat to a good summer

Ah, summer. What good memories I have. The Price is Right at 10 am, lying on the couch, imagining what it would feel like to get to spin the big wheel, make it to Showcase Showdown, and meet Bob Barker. After some lazy television time, I might wander outside for a bit, and then lunch might be a frozen pizza or bologna sandwich. The afternoon would usually involve fun bike rides up and down the street with my brothers and friends.

We made so many brilliant memories and had a great time. What we didn’t have was Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. While we lied on the couch watching television, my mom didn’t check Facebook and see that everyone else had their kids enrolled in an all-day creativity camp or were taking some great trip to the zoo. When we ate our bologna sandwiches and cheese puffs, my mom didn’t have pictures on Instagram of her kids’ friends eating celery sticks, carrots, and cherry tomatoes alongside a nice turkey and lettuce wrap – on a whole wheat tortilla. What has happened to our nice enjoyable relaxing summer?

Darn Facebook. You are ruining my summer life. YOU are the problem.

Or are you?

Glory to God: Living an ‘Unretouched’ Life

On the evening of April 8, 1988, a teenage Mark Wahlberg punched Hoa Trinh in the eye and left him partially blind. No one disputes this story; Wahlberg almost immediately confessed to the crime. By Wahlberg’s own admission, he was not at all the kind of kid you wanted to spend any time with. Obscene,

Don’t Imperialist Missionaries Screw Up Cultures?

After taking an advanced course in British Caribbean Literature, and dabbling in sociology and religious studies, I felt like a knew a few things about colonialism, missionary work, and western hegemony. I felt informed, and even elite when I used those words. As I read past texts, I sniffed out imperialistic ugliness in the most

Protecting the Least of These

In his sermon last Sunday, Keith focused on James’ exhortation that one way to demonstrate the obedience that comes from genuine faith (“religion that is pure and undefiled”) is to “visit orphans and widows in their affliction” (1:27). I can’t help but think of that teaching’s relevance to two alarming news items that I ran