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Monday: Construct Worldview. Tuesday: Validate on Social Media.

This past Friday, New York Times columnist David Brooks published a commentary entitled The Four American Narratives, wherein he offers a credible explanation as to why the United States has fractured so badly. In short, according to Brooks, our country is experiencing a painful transition from one over-arching, generally-accepted narrative into four primary narratives as

Atheist Upset Christian Docs Are Treating Ebola In Africa

Are missionary doctors and nurses who are risking their own life to treat Africans infected with Ebola making atheists and secularists look bad? From reading Brian Palmer, Slate’s science writer and a self proclaimed atheist, it sure seems like that’s the case. It pains him greatly to admit this but he’s honest enough to write…

The Truth About Us ‘Morons’

Several years ago, I started a routine where on most work days, I send out a brief text to the several young people – blood-related, blended family add-ons, and “other” – that at one or more times in our family history could reasonably be called “our kids.” (It’s complicated…) These texts almost always contain an

Planting Vineyards and Buying Pop-Tarts in Babylon

All I wanted to do was buy a box of strawberry Pop-Tarts for my seven-year-old son. Really, I had no other agenda. As I headed toward the checkout line, though, I was confronted by a prominent display of the latest edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, complete with three nearly-naked rear ends in full

A Sleep Drug Wakes Us Up To the Great Gender Dilemma

Lets begin with a popular thought: men and women are fundamentally the same. Although they don’t share reproductive organs and a few pesky hormones, they are basically the same. Everything we associate with “gender” is a social construct. Boys play with Tonka trucks, and girls play with Barbies, because we teach them to. What we

Don’t Imperialist Missionaries Screw Up Cultures?

After taking an advanced course in British Caribbean Literature, and dabbling in sociology and religious studies, I felt like a knew a few things about colonialism, missionary work, and western hegemony. I felt informed, and even elite when I used those words. As I read past texts, I sniffed out imperialistic ugliness in the most

“We shouldn’t impose our beliefs on other people!”

Halfway on the drive between Columbia and Kansas City our argument reached a pitch. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were debating a hot-button issue in the 2008 election. She argued that we should vote in line with our Christian beliefs. I, however, took the opposite perspective. While personally opposed to the issues like abortion,

Would you rather be a racist or a blasphemer?

The sins we get worked up about, and the sins we minimize, say a lot about us. Two incidents brought that home to me this week. First, Riley Cooper, a Philadelphia Eagles football player, was captured on a video shouting a racial slur at a country music concert. The concert was in June, but the

Atheists Turned Off By Watered Down Christianity

The story is told of the skeptic David Hume rushing off to hear the great preacher George Whitefield. Someone familiar with Hume’s teaching called out to him, “I didn’t think you believed the gospel.” “No, but he does” Hume replied referring to Whitefield. That story captures an enduring truth: Unbelievers are far more attracted to

Save Our Friendships From Secularism!

Like oxygen, secularism invisibly surrounds and vitiates our lives. If someone said that secularism subtly informed our politics, we might not disagree. We might, however, scoff at the idea that secularism shapes our relationships. Yet, it’s possible that one of the most treasured human relationships in all of history is decomposing in the air of