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The Heartbeat of Addiction

When reading C.S. Lewis, I don’t normally expect to stumble upon much of anything to do with the topic of addiction. Like many, somehow I have got it in my head that addiction is a modern phenomena. Movies, television and the increased sensationalization of epidemics – such as we are seeing with the current devastation

Planting Vineyards and Buying Pop-Tarts in Babylon

All I wanted to do was buy a box of strawberry Pop-Tarts for my seven-year-old son. Really, I had no other agenda. As I headed toward the checkout line, though, I was confronted by a prominent display of the latest edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, complete with three nearly-naked rear ends in full

Beautiful Scars: His Faithfulness in Our Wounds

One of the things that get me out of bed in the morning is a growing desire to cooperate with God as He tries to open the eyes of individuals – myself included – who have become dangerously comfortable with their own life of sin. As life has taken me deeper into the sufferings of

Where Exactly is ‘The Line’ Nowadays?

At what point is it better to be regarded as “out of it” than to keep pace with the latest TV shows, music, and magazines? When is it obviously better to be sanctified and pursuing holiness than to be able to quip along with everyone else at the fashionable cocktail party? These are not rhetorical

Worldly Sorrow…or Godly Sorrow?

“Have you come to this point in your life because you grieved the heart of God…or because you got caught?” Whether this exceedingly-blunt sentiment is spoken aloud or not, I have lost count of the number of times that I have been part of a conversation that sought to determine whether or not someone else

An Insanity Only Christ Can Cure

Over the past few years, I have become convinced that one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to someone we love is to show them, with patience and great clarity, how the gospel of Jesus Christ applies directly to the particular pains and sorrows that make up life this side of eternity. As