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‘I just want my life to make a difference.’

We have absolutely no clue how God might be pleased to use us in this life. Neither do we have the faintest idea what the impact of our lives might look like 20, 50, or even hundreds of years after our death. Since God has placed eternity into our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), those of us

Depression: Joining Battle with Pernicious Lies and Accusations

Along with what seems to be an ever-increasing number of people, I’ve spent (literally) decades battling depression. When I finally accepted Jesus as my Savior nearly 20 years ago, He graciously relieved me of the twin compulsions of 1) drinking vast amounts of alcohol and, 2) introducing any number of illegal drugs into my blood

Hacking the Hexateuch* to Finish Well

‘Crossing the Jordan’ to the Promised…Office Space Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18a (KJV) These past several weeks, I’ve been doing some reading and reflecting on why it is that God’s faithful people – particularly His more “visible” disciples – can be faithful for decades and then go seriously astray later

Hacking the Hexateuch* to Finish Well

Just Shy of The Promised Land: God’s Plan, God’s Timing…Not Mine After spending a few weeks reading up on the challenges and frustrations that accompanied the historical Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, the primary feeling that welled up within my soul was a desire to drive around town and personally apologize, face-to-face, to

Translating Ancient Hebrew Into Modern Marriages

A couple weeks ago, here on ESI, my husband Warren wrote a blog in response to our reading of Paul Miller‘s new book, A Loving Life (Loving in a Self-Focused World: The Pursuit of Hesed). In that book, Miller takes the reader through the short Old Testament Book of Ruth and walks us through “a

Loving in a Self-Focused World: The Pursuit of Hesed

“Our world panics at the idea of having to remain in a relationship that is uneven.” Paul Miller Several years ago, I entered into a harsh, protracted season of personal and relational suffering. Though I didn’t see this clearly at the time, God’s providence was already preparing me for it by taking me back to

Point of Focus: The God of the Old Testament Vs. The God of the New?