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True Story: Investing in God’s Kingdom Yields 1000% Return

Like most others, I am regularly tempted to be distracted away from the more-important things in life – i.e. other people and their needs – to focus on my own well-being, particularly when the specter of financial distress rears its ugly head. I’ve lived with money and without it, and while I would agree that

The Party Barge

The Christmas season is in full swing and, as I do every year, I find myself struggling to balance all the activities going on around me. I want to make time to focus on the extraordinary gift God sent us by way of His Son becoming the child born on Christmas Day. But I also

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Yesterday, Keith Simon delivered what I personally would rate as one of the Top 10 sermons I have ever heard…maybe even Top 5. And I am not limiting that statement to the pastors and guest speakers that I have had the privilege of learning from at The Crossing for the past 14 years. I mean

The Fickleness of Our Consuming Hearts

17mastiff_watching-videoSixteenByNine540-v3 In 2013, one of these Tibetan mastiffs was one of the most prized dogs you could buy for yourself in China. The New York Times explains:

“There once was a time, during the frenzied heights of China’s Tibetan mastiff craze, when a droopy-eyed slobbering giant like Nibble [pictured above] might have fetched $200,000 and ended up roaming the landscaped grounds of some coal tycoon’s suburban villa… At the peak of the mastiff mania, some breeders pumped their studs with silicone to make them look more powerful; in early 2013, the owner of one promising moneymaker sued a Beijing animal clinic for $140,000 after his dog died on the operating table during face-lift surgery. But Tibetan mastiffs are so 2013.”

Today in 2015, just two years later, the lucky ones would be sold for less than $2,000 while the unlucky ones would be packed away in small crates and delivered to a slaughterhouse, “where, at roughly $5 a head, they would have been rendered into hot pot ingredients, imitation leather and the lining for winter gloves.” The article goes on:

God Doesn’t Want 10% of Your Money: 5 Questions About Giving

Should I tithe? What’s it mean to tithe? Do I tithe off my gross or net income? Do I have to give all my tithe to the church? Do I really have to tithe 20% off my gambling winnings? (Okay, no one has really asked that last question.) These are pretty common questions–questions that I

Black Thursday?

Having lived the last eight years in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I have consequently also missed out on Black Friday. It’s not the thing I’ve missed most while living abroad, but I certainly like a good bargain, and with our impending move into our new house, we have assorted purchases to make, so

Jesus confirmed in NYT

Every once in a while a media outlet will share some new “insight” that the only appropriate response, even if a bit unsophisticated, is, “No duh.” A prime example is this 1992 Time Magazine cover in which they ask “Why Are Men and Women Different?” The answer to the question serves as an enticement to

Health Care Reform

When I was first asked to contribute to ESI over two years ago, a request was made for me to address areas of health and science which intersect a biblical worldview. It was hoped that I could help shine the light of the gospel on areas frequently left out of conversations in the American Christian

Altars Without Building Permits

As a child growing up in northwest Missouri, I was given the opportunity to live in two starkly contrasting environments, living situations that served to teach me some important lessons about money, among other things. When I was eight years old, my parents divorced. I moved with my mother and brother to another town. For

Solyndra, The Big 12 and the Book of Proverbs

I was reflecting over my 36 years in the church (granted only 20 of those years I was paying attention) and I couldn’t recollect ever hearing a sermon series on the book of Proverbs. I am sure there is a logical reason as to why not, but I am not for sure what that would