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Tuesday Miscellanea

A collection of the interesting, useful, and beautiful from this week on the web. Enjoy. 1. Though undoubtedly an incredible performer and artist, the National Review Online asks if we should be comfortable calling Michael Jackson an American “Icon.” Good question. Jonah Goldberg writes: But let’s pause for a moment on that word “icon.” It

Some Saturday Links

Keeping up on the world is important. As Christians, we need to continue to impact the culture, but to do so, we must know what is going on in the culture. To that end, I’ve made the habit of reading a couple different blogs a day, and keeping tabs on a couple of different news

Weekly Roundup (Snow Day Special)

Looking for some quality content to digest while stuck inside today? We thought so. Here is a roundup of a few worthwhile links from around the web. Enjoy and stay warm. Time. Redeemed.CJ Mahaney points us to what RC Sproul has to say about time management. List of ListsHere is an (overwhelming) collection of top-10

Weekend Browsing

Here are some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon this week, which you should check out as you surf the internet: Five-Figure Bonuses – If you’re frustrated with the financial crisis or the greed and selfishness we see all around us, read this article. If only all bosses were this generous. Parenting 1 and Parenting 2

Why Do We Do Kids Club?

As you may have noticed if you’ve been around our church for long (even just this past week), Kids Club is a pretty big deal. This summer will be our eighth year of this unique week long, summer camp experience for elementary and preschool kids. I admit, this event takes a lot of money, time,

Why Buy Locally?

(First a side note: sorry for the blog hiatus. I’ve been down and out with morning sickness for quite some time. Yes, we’re expecting our second child in October. I’m beginning to bounce back now and am excited to get back to blogging.) One of my favorite things about this time of year is going

‘Tis the Season to Wrap…

If Abraham Kuyper is right…if there is not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, “This is mine! This belongs to me!”…then certainly it makes sense for me to include a post about my favorite appetizer recipe. God gave us the good gift of food and the