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Love, Discipleship and Shield Practice

“I’m not in the mood.” There are several people I know who frequently complain that whenever they manage to find the time to read their Bible, they are typically exhausted and not much in the mood for coaxing their brains to do even a little bit of heavy lifting. Since I myself am one of

Every Christian Needs a Good Fight Club

This past Saturday (Feb. 7), along with several of my buddies, I attended the Second Annual CoMo Christian Men’s Conference held at the historic Missouri Theatre downtown. Honestly, I can’t say enough positive things about the conference or the speakers, musicians, pastors and businessmen who helped make it a reality. I knew it was going

A Sleep Drug Wakes Us Up To the Great Gender Dilemma

Lets begin with a popular thought: men and women are fundamentally the same. Although they don’t share reproductive organs and a few pesky hormones, they are basically the same. Everything we associate with “gender” is a social construct. Boys play with Tonka trucks, and girls play with Barbies, because we teach them to. What we