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Too Much Like Real Life

“Why do we keep watching this show? It’s so depressing…too much like real life.” These are just some of the thoughts both my husband and I have been voicing about the popular series “Mad Men,” set in the early 1960’s. Our home does not have cable TV, so we’ve been playing Get Caught Up via

Will Don Draper Join the Redeemed?

Two months ago I stopped to review the first half of Mad Men season six. Beginning with Don Draper sunbathing in Hawaii as he reads Dante’s Inferno. The season descends as every joy and glory that Don once lived for is crushed. His former idols ooze with self-loathing until they lie empty and hopeless. His

What Happens When Don Draper Goes To Hell?

“Midway upon the journey of our life, I awoke to find myself in a dark wood. For I had wandered off from the straight path.” So begins Dante’s horrifying excavation into the pit of hell. AMC’s Mad Men opened season 6 with Don Draper reading Dante’s Inferno on a beach, and it seems that he, midway on