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Awesome Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know

This is a guest post from Lynn Roush, counselor at The Crossing. When I was growing up my dad made herculean efforts to assemble the family for devotions and prayer. He desired to lead us spiritually and wanted us to know the Bible and walk with God. His efforts, though well intentioned, were often met

Throwing Out an Anchor in a Sea of Grey

My thanks to Lynn Roush for providing a special guest post this week at ESI: Whether you’re an adventurous reader or just a mom on the go who enjoys poolside chatter, you’ve probably read or heard about the eyebrow raising bestseller, 50 Shades of Grey. Given the content of the book, which chronicles a sadomasochistic

Fasting at Christmas

Christmas is near, and many of us are probably planning to do a lot of things. Whether you are hosting a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, preparing a holiday meal for friends, or buying Christmas gifts for the family…the list of things you could plan to do with your time is probably not short.

Wisdom in the Face of Folly: Part 2 of 2

Last Monday on ESI, I posted some thoughts on wisdom and foolishness that I have found to be particularly helpful as I take up the daily (and somewhat-daunting) task of interacting with other human beings in a fallen world. These two blogs are based almost entirely on a study written by Lynn Roush, biblical counselor

Wisdom in the Face of Folly: Part 1 of 2

Several years ago, I purchased a collection of 1980s music, ostensibly the “greatest hits” of that decade culled onto seven CDs. The collection came bundled with a magazine-style booklet that provided photos, facts and trivia about each artist and song, along with snippets of news and information that helps place the music against a larger

Resolving To Fail In 2010

A guest post by Lynn Roush. Goal-setting has never been one of my strong points. I consider myself a classic Type B personality, and have been content with a mantra that has served me well each New Year’s: “I resolve to not make any New Year’s resolutions.” This year, however, I felt stirred to push

Pain, Pain Go Away… Part 3

Perhaps the best way that we can gain a Biblical understanding of pain and suffering is by looking to our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is universally agreed upon that the historical Jesus suffered and died a cruel and terrible death by crucifixion, and in doing so, he is certainly able to offer us a perspective

“Pain, Pain Go Away” Part 2

The human tendency is to run as far away from pain as possible. That’s right, isn’t it? As I’ve been thinking about this topic, I have realized that our sinful condition has put us in a much more complex predicament than the simple knee-jerk reaction of avoiding pain in our lives. In fact, the reality

“Pain, Pain Go Away” Part 1

I guess the most basic statement you can make about pain, either physical or emotional, is that it hurts. It can range from unpleasant or uncomfortable to excruciatingly debilitating. And for some reason, no matter where your pain falls on that spectrum, it can make your life miserable to one degree or another. I recently

Try it. It’s worth it!

I guess you could say that I’ve been a Christian “all my life.” I vaguely remember kneeling with my father beside the bed and saying a prayer that asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to come into my life. I was only 4 at the time, so it’s uncertain as to how