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Mark Your Calendars: April 22-23, 2016

I love Columbia. I’ve lived in a few cities over my lifetime, but I’ve never felt a deeper sense of place, of “this is home,” than right here in mid-Missouri. Even as a little girl growing up in St. Joseph – the city that ranks second-highest in my life in terms of years spent living

Loving in a Self-Focused World: The Pursuit of Hesed

“Our world panics at the idea of having to remain in a relationship that is uneven.” Paul Miller Several years ago, I entered into a harsh, protracted season of personal and relational suffering. Though I didn’t see this clearly at the time, God’s providence was already preparing me for it by taking me back to

A Problem for Atheists

Atheists and agnostics often cite the existence of evil in the universe as a real problem for anyone who believes in a traditional notion of God. And the argument is not without force. At some point, nearly everyone—believer and skeptic alike—wrestles with the difficulty of an all-good, all-powerful God presiding over a world in which

Secular Temples: What Shapes Your Soul?

Last week we looked at God’s mission through the temple.* Today I want to look at one of the more subtle roles of the temple: spiritual formation.** The New Testament envisions God’s people as, “being joined together, [growing] into a holy temple in the Lord” (Eph. 2:21).We are a spiritual temple, built not by human

What Does Real Tolerance Look Like?

Tolerance is one of the great virtues of our age. But what does it really look like? If you read ESI, or watch the Point of Focus videos, you know this is a topic we touch on, because it’s such a big issue today. What passes for tolerance is often not so tolerant. Keith blogged

Love is . . . Physical Attraction?

What is love? It’s a lot of different things, depending on who you listen to. Last week at the 20-something relationships conference I looked at a series of popular cultural answers to the question, trying to use movie clips to help explore things. One common answer is that love is physical attraction. Love is that

Don’t Waste Your Snow Day

Snow days can be fun, but they can also feel like an interruption. Calling school off means parents changing plans, scrambling to figure out what to do with kids at home. Work is disrupted, and you can’t get done everything you wanted to. Travel is hard: what normally takes 5 minutes to drive becomes 35

Free to Love My Enemies (Because God’s a Judge)

Last week I looked at a common western misconception, that the true path to enemy love is ending judgment, so we can begin accepting. Thus, the Biblical God, who demands justice, is a dangerous threat to world peace. In reality, the opposite is true: God’s divine justice actually frees us to love our enemies. This week, let’s

Love Defined

“Love.” It’s a word we hear all the time. Almost all of us would say that we have a sense of what it means. But I suspect that most of us who follow Christ could grow quite a bit in understanding what love truly involves. The fact that the culture in which we live often