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Those Rare, Precious ‘A-Ha!’ Gospel Moments

My wife and I can hardly exaggerate how grateful we are to be able to send our son to the week-long epic of fun and faith that make up The Crossing‘s annual craziness, “Kids Club.” For our family, 2015 was a banner year for many reasons, but one of those reasons easily eclipses all the

Taking a Slightly-Longer View on Kids Club 2013

As we believers raise our kids in the Christian faith, it is tempting for us to watch them grow up with a concerned, well-meaning myopia that is hopelessly focused on “desired results.” As we teach our kids about Who Jesus is and how He gave up His life for them, we want them to embrace

Treasuring God’s Word at Kids Club Next Week

If you’ve been around The Crossing for any length of time, you know that Kids Club is a big deal. Many kids brim with anticipation for the week and talk about it long afterward. Outside of Sunday mornings, it’s probably the event that mobilizes a greater percentage of our church than any other throughout the