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Black Friday Eve (aka Thanksgiving)

At dinner this evening, a friend of mine pointed out the irony in Black Friday following just one day after Thanksgiving. So we all sit around cozy tables surrounded by friends and family on Thursday, eating turkey and dressing, and relaxing the afternoon away either watching football or chatting with relatives we see twice a

Links Worth Looking At

Here is this week’s installment. I’m now including approximate reading times to coax you into clicking on the hyperlink. 10 Questions Pro-Choice Candidates Aren’t Asked – Reading Time: 1 minute 40 seconds. If you read one, please read this one. We rarely post anything of a political nature here, but this short blog should be

What I Pray People Will Say at My Funeral

I spent my Friday and Saturday attending two visitations and funerals, both for deeply beloved family men who died earlier than expected. I also had several volunteers whose friend died last week suddenly and tragically. Death makes you think and evaluate. That’s what I did the past few days, and I learned something I want to

Links Worth Looking At

Here is this week’s installment. 10 Myths about Premarital Sex – A quick blog post debunking these myths. If you have or are in a position to influence teenagers, college teenagers, or 20 somethings, this is worth a read. Even if they’re 13 or 25. Overly Optimistic Parenting – How assuming your children are Christians

Links Worth Looking At

Here’s a week’s worth of internet reading for you. Enjoy. Getting Past “Fine” in Conversations with Your Kids – 5 practical tips to engage your kids in deeper and more meaningful conversations (which is incredibly important for their spiritual and general maturation). Who Is “Doing God’s Work,” Laypeople or Pastors? – A very concise reminder

Links Worth Looking At

Some noteworthy articles, blogs, etc. from the internet this week: Wasting Time At Work – A sobering infographic of work inefficiency. How TV Influences Us – Insightful observations on this phenomenon through different countries and cultures. Dating Advice for Guys – An excellent blog post. If you’re a single male you absolutely have to read

Links Worth Looking At

Here are some interesting links, articles, and photo galleries from the week. Enjoy. Gallery of Clouds – Yep. Clouds. Seems mundane but I find things like this beautiful, and by that I mean something inside of me rejoices at these images. The Influence of Social Networking – A collection of infographics that explain “The Psychology

Hosea, Adultery, Child Loss, and the Gospel

The people that we are closest with are the ones that have the greatest capacity to inflict pain upon us.  If a stranger or a mere acquaintance says something hurtful, we may not like it too much, but we’ll be able to shrug it off and move on.  But if it is your best friend?

A Dead Guy’s Lesson on Obedience

This is the brief story of an old dude named Polycarp, a bishop in the second century, who most likely knew the Apostle John who wrote Revelation. Persecution of Christians has broken out in the Roman empire somewhere around 150-160 AD. Believers are being dragged out of their homes and places of work before governors

Christmas Eve Links

Here are a spattering of links from the web the past few weeks that caught my attention.  Enjoy them, but more importantly, enjoy your Christmas Eve and loved ones. To Santa or Not to Santa – An ongoing discussion amongst Christian parents exists over how we should talk about and celebrate Santa Claus with our