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‘Jesus, could we put this whole crucifixion thing to a vote?’

Recently, yet another congregation of Christians took a vote and decided “overwhelmingly” to agree amongst themselves to overturn centuries of orthodoxy with regard to human sin and the singular rescue plan we all freely have been offered in Jesus. Unsurprisingly, the driving issue at hand was God’s revelation as it relates to His created order,

London Underground Bombing – Reflections 10 Years On


I got this text from my mom yesterday while at the breakfast table with my husband and four kids. Upon reading the text, I reminded Charles that today was the anniversary of the London underground bombings in 2005.

We both remember right where we were when it happened. I was in a training class with my accounting colleagues, and Charles was in a German class. Living in the UK at the time, nearly everyone with us had a loved one that could have been on the underground, and somewhat organized panic shot through the room as people worked to reach their loved ones by text or call. That scene and how it felt will always be engraved in my memory. It’s kind of the equivalent of 9-11 for British people: smaller in scale but disturbing in how close it felt to so many more people.

Bieber…Now Appearing in Our Furnace Room

I sometimes wonder why our American culture often finds it amusing whenever someone has the courage to step up and do what is morally right. Rule-following optimists, as portrayed in our movies and other entertainment, are nearly always embodied as unrealistic, clueless do-gooders. Is it now considered entirely naive to hope for the best in

To Wipe Away Tears, God Must Judge

Sometimes I read my Bible and think, “How in the world does this make sense?” For example, Isaiah 25, is mind-bending blend of God’s judgment and salvation. Condemnation and joy. Justice and exoneration. Gavel cracks and clinking glasses. Courtrooms and feasting halls. I’ll give you two examples. First, destruction, “For you have made the city